CMPL 260 - The Color of Music: European Decadence and Symbolism Across the Arts

Semester Offered: Second Semester
Full Course
Credits: 4 Credit
Attribute: 3 HU, WR, CD

New course added 10.17.13.

This course is an introduction to inter-artistic Decadence and Symbolism through the creative experience of synaesthesia: the figurative or physiological blending of sense-impressions. It traces fin-de-siècle synaesthesia in literature, art, philosophy, and science. Texts, art, and music are drawn from French, English, German, and Russian traditions and may include Baudelaire, Bely, Huysmans, Wilde, Scriabin, Schoenberg, Richard Strauss, Wagner, Beardsley, Kandinsky, and Moreau. To fulfill course requirements, students may choose among creative, performative, and written options. Possible 1-2 Field trips required.
Enrollment Limit: 20
Instructor: P. Dimova
Consent of the Instructor Required: No

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