MHST 255 - Music of the Romantic Era

Semester Offered: Second Semester
Full Course
Credits: 4 Credits
Attribute: CNDP, DDHU

A survey of music by principal European composers of the nineteenth century, from 1820-1914. Includes discussion of Beethoven’s late works and their interpretations by later composers, the Italian operatic repertory, Wagner’s Gesamtkunstwerk and its influences, aesthetics of the New German School, the rise of nationalistic music, position of women musicians, development of a concert audience in the United States, Expressionism, Symbolism, and the formation of today’s standard repertory.
Enrollment Limit: 30
Instructor: C. McGuire, J. O'Leary
Consent of the Instructor Required: No
Prerequisites & Notes
MHST 101 or CMUS 100.

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