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Course Catalog 2008-2009 
Course Catalog 2008-2009 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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ANTH 278 - Human Rights, Universalism and Cultural Relativism

This course may also count for the major in (consult the program or department major requirements) :
Semester Offered: Second Semester
Credits (Range): 3 hours
Attribute: 3SS, CD

Through an examination of the ways in which people in different societies identify and define ethical and social standards, this course will examine the concept of universal human rights. This course will consider the tension between universal claims and cultural relativism. We will also document and analyze the development of international efforts to apply universal rights. The course will focus on ethnographic case studies from a wide variety of societies that demonstrate the cultural challenges involved in defining, establishing, and implementing a set of global and universal human rights. Enrollment Limit: 35.
Instructor: B. Pineda

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