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Course Catalog 2008-2009 
Course Catalog 2008-2009 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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ACHS 250 - Advanced Archeological Field Course

Semester Offered: Summer
Credits (Range): 5 Hours
Attribute: 5 SS

A four week summer course for students with previous fieldwork experience who wish to further their training in archaeological field methods and research. Offered in conjunction with the Sangro Valley Project in the Abruzzo, Italy (www.sangro.org). The seven week course will include pre-season training; four weeks of excavation; and post-excavation analysis. Students taking this course will serve as trench supervisors and/or laboratory/technical assistants under the supervision of the senior personnel; they will also collaborate with professional staff in their ongoing research projects. Consent of instructor required. Enrollment Limit: 6.
Instructor: S. Kane
Cross List Information
This course is cross-listed with ARTS 423.

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