Aug 24, 2019  
Course Catalog 2018-2019 
Course Catalog 2018-2019 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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GEOL 380 - Great Lakes Limnology

Semester Offered: First Semester
Full Course
Credits: 4 credits
Attribute: 4NS

How has the regional geologic history shaped the biogeochemistry of the Great Lakes? In what ways are humans influencing, and influenced by, the Great Lakes? This class will use primary literature to investigate these questions, in the process covering the local historical and contemporary geology, physical water column dynamics, air-water fluxes, eutrophication, public health concerns, climate change and more. Small group projects in lab will allow students to develop and quantitatively explore aquatic research questions of personal interest using publicly available buoy data, remote sensing, modeling, and class collected data from the field. Field trip(s) required. 

Instructor: R. Eveleth

Prerequisites & Notes: GEOL 120

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