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Course Catalog 2005-2006 
Course Catalog 2005-2006 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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ANTH 254 - Forms of Folklore

2SS, 2HU, CD, WR
Second Semester. Introduction to the study of folklore through genres: folk speech, myth, legend, folktale, ballad, riddle, jokes, superstition, custom, belief, folk clothing and foodways. Considerable attention to secondary criticism focusing on cultural meaning, race, ethnicity, feminist and gender concerns, collecting, and questions of stereotyping and social inequality. Most examples from certain cultures—especially Anglo-American, Black American, Native American, other ethnic groups in America; some attention to European and African materials as well as Asian and Indonesian. This course is cross-referenced with ENGL 295.

Prerequisites & Notes
Prerequisite: “For complete prerequisites, please refer to the English Program section titled “For Introductory Courses to the Study of English”. Identical to ENGL 295.
Enrollment Limit: 30.
Ms. Gorfain

Credits: 4 hours

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