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Course Catalog 2008-2009 
Course Catalog 2008-2009 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Master of Music in Opera Theater

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This is a unified five-year program of study, elected in conjunction with the undergraduate major in Performance-Voice, which culminates in the awarding of both an undergraduate and graduate degree.  This is not a graduate program of study for the student who has already completed an undergraduate degree at Oberlin College or elsewhere.


Students who wish to enter this program may apply to the chair of the Opera Theater Department after having passed the Second Major Committee Examination. During the senior year, and prior to final admission to the master’s program, the student must submit a written application for admission together with a transcript to the chair of the department. Upon acceptance of the application the student will audition before the Opera Theater Committee with three arias in contrasting styles, in two or more languages. The student must demonstrate a superior ability to perform major operatic roles both vocally and dramatically, to pronounce foreign languages and English accurately, and to have completed the necessary prerequisites with distinction.


  • Six hours OPTH 305, 306 (Opera Workshop);
  • Six hours OPTH 404, 405 (Opera Seminar);
  • Two hours OPTH 400 (Performance Project) or equivalent.

Comprehensive Examination.

A comprehensive final examination is required in the final month of study. The examination will be administered by a committee consisting of the chair of the Opera Theater Department, music director of the Opera Theater, and the student’s singing teacher.

Graduate Listening Exam

The faculty of the Division of Vocal Studies and the Division of Conducting and Ensembles will construct and administer a listening exam each year to be taken by the fifth-year Master of Music degree students of the Division. The faculty will choose pieces from a Common Listening List and a list compiled by the faculty of the Division. At least 50 percent (or 15 examples) will be chosen from the Common List.

Copies of the listening lists and tapes of the materials will be available in the Library. The exam will be offered twice each year (November and April). The exam may be taken twice. Any student failing the exam will be given a written appraisal of the areas of weakness that led to the failure. The exam must be passed before the degree will be granted.

Graduate Studies Committee

This committee, which administers the graduate study programs, is comprised of a representative from each department awarding a graduate degree and from each department awarding the associated undergraduate degree, plus a representative from the administration. The committee is responsible to the Conservatory faculty for all graduate degree programs, their curricula and interrelationship, and is responsible for admissions to graduate programs as well as for certification of completion of graduate degree requirements.

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