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Course Catalog 2005-2006 
Course Catalog 2005-2006 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Music Major: History-Theory Emphasis

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Course Requirements: 45 Total Hours

  • Secondary Private Study (4 semesters) 1 Credits: 8 hours
  • MUTH 101, 102, 201 (Aural Skills) 2 Credits: 3 hours
  • MUTH 130 or 131, 132, 231, 232 (Music Theory I-IV) 3 Credits: 12 hours
  • Upper-division Music Theory Elective Credits: 3 hours
  • CMUS 100 (Introduction to Western Art Music) 4 Credits: 3 hours
  • History and Musicology Electives 5 Credits: 12 hours
  • Ensemble Electives 6 Credits: 2 hours
  • Music Electives Credits: 2 hours


1 Must be four semesters on the same instrument (or voice).

2 Aural Skills I-III must be taken concurrently with Music Theory I-III; e.g., a student will register for Music Theory II and Aural Skills II in the same semester. It is strongly recommended that all Music Majors also take Aural Skills IV, preferably in the same semester as Music Theory IV.

3 Part or all of the MUTH 131, 132, 231, 232 requirement may be waived by placement examination.

4 May be waived by examination. MHST 101 (Introduction to the History and Literature of Music, four credits) is highly recommended for Music Majors in place of CMUS 100.

5 Three courses at the 200 level, and one course at the 300 level are required. Two of the three 200- level courses must be chosen from MHST 226, 235, 245, 255, or 275. The third course may be chosen from Ethnomusicology 100 or any of the 200-level Ethnomusicology or 200-level Music History courses.

6 Any Conservatory ensemble. Only one credit per ensemble per semester may be counted toward the major.


An Honors Program is available for History/Theory Emphasis music majors qualified to do research leading to a BA with Honors. Generally in the second semester of the junior year, a music major wishing to do honors work will submit a detailed proposal to the chairperson of the College Music Major Committee. Entry to the Honors Program is contingent upon the Committee’s approval of both the proposal and the student’s choice of advisor.

Students admitted to the Honors Program must enroll in CMUS 400/401, Senior Honors. The requirements for the successful completion of the Honors project include a scholarly thesis and comprehensive examinations. More detailed information is available from the chairperson of the College Music Major Committee.

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