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Course Catalog 2005-2006 
Course Catalog 2005-2006 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Creative Writing

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Majors must complete at least 37 hours: 25 in Creative Writing and 12 in literature. The creative writing courses must include the following: Creative Writing 201; three of the six 300- level workshops (poetry, fiction, playwriting, nonfiction, translation, screenwriting) that are offered on a regular basis; and one or two independent projects (470, 480), which must include at least four credits in the same genre. Students in advanced projects will work on projects of substantial quality and will be strongly encouraged to give a reading during their senior year.

Twelve hours of literature (in English, in translation, or in a foreign language) are also required, above the 100 level (except in East Asian Studies, where some 100-level literature courses may count, with permission of the Director of Creative Writing). Students are encouraged to take literature courses in the genre(s) in which they are writing. Film, theory, and other courses that do not focus primarily on written literature will not count toward this requirement, even if they are offered by the English Department. A list of recommended literature courses will be available in the Creative Writing office prior to registration each semester.

First-year students are advised to take CRWR 110 and 120, but only one of these courses will count toward the 25 creative writing hours required for the major.

Students must have taken CRWR 201 before applying for 300-level poetry or fiction workshops, and must have completed the relevant 300-level workshop (and normally at least one other 300-level workshop as well) before pursuing an independent project in a given genre.

CRWR 470, 475, 480 and 485 are repeatable for credit, but only three credits of Reading for Writing (475) and two credits of Practicum (485) will count toward the major. CRWR 331 does not count toward the major.

Courses receiving a grade of D will not be counted toward the major.

The program encourages cultural diversity among students and welcomes students of all cultural backgrounds.

Playwriting Concentration

The basic major requirement of 37 credits is reconfigured as follows: In Creative Writing, at least 20 hours, which must include CRWR 201, 330, 470 (in playwriting) and 480 (in playwriting). At least 13 hours must be taken at the 300 or 400 level, and at least one other 300-level workshop is recommended. In theater and other departments, at least 14 hours, including at least nine in literature (from English, Theater, or other departments), at least six of which must focus on drama; and at least five in acting, design, or technical theater taught by the Theater Department.

Transfer of Credit

Transfer students should consult with the Director of Creative Writing immediately upon acceptance to the College, and should apply immediately for admittance to Creative Writing 201. Even so, junior transfer students will find it almost impossible to complete the major in four semesters. While transfer students are normally given credit toward the major for courses taken elsewhere (with the approval of the Director of Creative Writing), equivalent course credit is almost never given for any of the four required workshops. Only half of the 12 literature hours may be transferred; those also require approval of the director.

Winter Term

Various faculty will sponsor projects on worthwhile topics that students have carefully designed in consultation with them before the registration deadline. Winter Term workshops, supervised by faculty and directed by advanced students, will be offered to students who have not taken CRWR 201.

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