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Course Catalog 2005-2006 
Course Catalog 2005-2006 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


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The requirements of the History major are as follows:

  1. a minimum of 30 hours in History courses;
  2. at least one course from each of the following three regions: 1) North America 2) Europe, Russia 3) Asia, Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean;
  3. at least one 300-level or above course taught by faculty in the Oberlin History Department; and
  4. at least 18 hours of coursework taught by members of the Oberlin History Department. Twelve hours may be applied to the major through any combination of AP credit, credit from approved study-away programs, and credit from selected courses based on historical methodologies taught in African American Studies (African, African American, and Caribbean history), East Asian Studies (Korean History), Gender and Women’s Studies (Living with the Bomb), and Classics (Greek and Roman History).
  5. First-Year Seminars taught by members of the Oberlin History Department will count toward the major.
  6. Grades below “C–” will not count toward the major.

Concentrations in the Major

In consultation with their departmental advisor, majors are expected to develop a balanced program of historical study culminating in a concentration (at least four courses drawn from geographic, chronological, or thematic groupings). Your choice of field of concentration will depend on a number of factors including plans after graduation, particular interests, linguistic competencies, and staffing strengths in the Department. Should you have an “independent concentration” or a combination of concentrations in mind, please discuss this with your advisor. A fuller description of “Concentrations in the History Major” is available from History Department advisors, the History Department office, and our web site (


The minor in history consists of not fewer than 15 hours of credit in history courses. These must include at least one 300- or 400-level course. Minors must take at least 10 hours of history from members of the Oberlin History Department.


The Honors Program in history offers the opportunity for recognition of distinguished achievement in historical research and writing. Qualified students are invited to enter the program in their seventh semester. Students wishing to be considered for Honors should indicate that interest to the department chair in their sixth semester. Further information is available from members of the department. See also the general statement on Honors on our web site (

Transfer of Credit

A maximum of 12 hours can be transferred toward the major. (Please see “Major,” above.)

Winter Term

Most members of the department will be participating in Winter Term 2006 and will be available to sponsor projects. Please check with individual instructors to determine availability and possible projects.

History Online

For more information on the History Department, courses, times, and instructors, please visit our home page at:

III. Topical Courses

Topical Courses in Asian History

Topical Courses in Latin American History

Topical Courses in Russian History

V. Colloquia

Latin American History Colloquia

V. Individual Projects


Private readings and Honors information is on the History web site at or the Registrar’s page at Available faculty members are listed on these sites.

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