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Course Catalog 2006-2007 
Course Catalog 2006-2007 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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GEOL 320 - Paleontology

4 NS
Second Semester. A comprehensive examination of the history of life, presented within the context of evolutionary theory and with an emphasis on invertebrate organisms. Topics include evolutionary patterns and process, taphonomy, functional morphology, paleoecology, biostratigraphy, biogeography, and extinction. Laboratory exercises explore the morphology and systematics of the major invertebrate fossil groups and the use of paleontological data in solving paleoecologic and geologic problems. Weekend field trip and term paper required.

Prerequisites & Notes
Prerequisite: Any 200-level geology course or consent of instructor.
Enrollment Limit: 18.
Ms. Parsons-Hubbard

Credits: 4 hours

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