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Course Catalog 2006-2007 
Course Catalog 2006-2007 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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AAST 275 - African-American Performance Theater

 3 HU, CD   New Course Added 07/24/2006

Second Semester.  This course is a workshop for creating performance art including drama, spoken word, dance, and musical performance that explores the legacy of the African-American Experience in form or content. From Africa through the Middle Passage and into America, students will read essays, stories, poems, and plays—while discussing the legacy and aesthetic of the African tradition within the Diaspora. Students will gain academic information as well as develop their own artistic responses to the material. All will read, write, and perform. A workshop performance will be presented using the work of the class.

Prerequisites & Notes
Consent of instructor required. Enrollment Limit: 12. Identical to THEA 275.
Mr. Emeka

Credits: 3 Credits

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