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Course Catalog 2006-2007 
Course Catalog 2006-2007 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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ANTH 456 - Seminar in Culture Contact and Colonialism

3SS, CD   New Course Added 10/10/2006
Second Semester.  This course will focus on anthropological approaches to culture contact and colonialism.  We will trace the development of early and contemporary theoretical models relating to gender and ethnicity, the concept of frontiers and boundaries, acculturation, and World Systems theory.  Through theoretical readings, case studies from around the world, and student-facilitated discussions we will explore how anthropologists attempt to construct explanatory frameworks for culture contact that have wide applicability, while at the same time acknowledging the uniqueness of individual cultures and the historical paths they have traveled. 

Prerequisites & Notes
Prerequisites:  Consent from instructor required. 

Enrollment limit:  10 

Ms. Margaris

Credits: 3 Credits

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