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Course Catalog 2005-2006 
Course Catalog 2005-2006 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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ANTH 204 - Introduction to Linguistic Anthropology

3 SS
First Semester. This course furnishes an introduction to core concepts and methodology pertaining to the analysis of language. Students will explore key areas of current research, including sociolinguistics, language socialization, language and gender, non-verbal communication, and literacy. In addition, through practical exercises, the students will learn foundations in phonology, morphology, and syntax, as well as basic discourse analysis transcription skills. The course is intended as a base for more advanced courses in Linguistic Anthropology and in related areas, and no prior linguistic training is required.

Prerequisites & Notes

One introductory course.
Enrollment Limit: 30.
Ms. Pagliai

Next offered 2006-2007

Credits: 3 hours

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