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Course Catalog 2022-2023 
Course Catalog 2022-2023 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Studio Art

Julia Christensen, Associate Professor of Studio Art, Chair
Johnny Coleman, Professor of Studio Art
Pipo Nguyen-Duy, Professor of Studio Art
Kristina Paabus, Associate Professor of Studio Art
Michael Roman, Assistant Professor of Studio Art and Africana Studies
Sarah Schuster, Professor of Studio Art
Nanette Yannuzzi, Professor of Studio Art

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The Studio Art faculty consists of artist-scholars who represent a range of mediums and varied professional studio practices. The department’s curriculum offers hands-on studio art training embedded with the intellectual rigor of the liberal arts context. The Studio Art complex includes resources such as a fabrication lab, a woodshop, media lab, wet/digital photography lab (color and black & white), and classroom studios to support drawing, painting, bookmaking, and sculpture/installation courses. Junior majors have a large shared studio, and senior majors have their own semi-private studios. The Allen Memorial Art Museum is an important resource for art students. The Studio Art Department is interdisciplinary in nature, and all students study within the realms of 2D, 3D, and 4D art and design practices; the curriculum also provides flexibility for students committed to specific mediums. 

Major in the Studio Art Department

The Studio Art Department insists that its programs of major study be deeply integrated with the overall liberal arts education that Oberlin both endorses and offers, while still offering the rigor of a pre-professional studio art program. In planning their programs of study, students should stay on track to complete one advanced course (ARST 320  or ARST 334 ) by the end of their junior year, keeping in mind that a capstone suite of classes is required in the senior year.

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Advanced Placement

The Studio Art Department does not count AP/IB credits towards major requirements. The department’s curricular pathway must be consistent across students to prepare majors for a cohesive capstone experience.

Transfer of Credit/Major Credit for Off-Campus Study

The Studio Art Department will accept up to two courses from an approved external institution to count towards major requirements. The chair’s preliminary approval must be obtained before beginning work away from Oberlin if this work is to be counted as credit for the major. Upon return, students must supply both an official transcript and evidence of the nature of the work done. Such requests, as well as those of transfer students (who can also transfer no more than two courses to count towards major requirements), will be handled on an individual basis. The department is not obliged to give credit for work that fails to fit the general patterns of the Oberlin curriculum or that fails to come up to Oberlin’s standards, no matter how valuable a student feels the experience has been, or how much time and effort has been expended.

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Majors and Minors