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[PRELIMINARY] Course Catalog 2024-2025 
[PRELIMINARY] Course Catalog 2024-2025

Jazz Studies

Robert Ferrazza, Professor of Jazz Guitar; director

Chris Anderson, Director of the Oberlin Jazz Ensemble
Jay R. Ashby, Associate Professor of Jazz Arranging
Gary L. Bartz, Professor of Jazz Saxophone
Gerald L. Cannon, Associate Professor of Jazz Bass
Chris J. Coles, Teacher of Jazz Studies
Jamey G. Haddad, Professor of Advanced Improvisation
La Tanya R. Hall, Associate Professor of Jazz Voice
William W. Hart, Professor of Jazz Percussion
Edward J. Henderson, Professor of Jazz Trumpet
John Petrucelli, Postdoctoral Fellow of Jazz History
Paul Samuels, Teacher of Jazz Studies
Daniel L. Wall, Associate Professor of Jazz Piano

Visit the jazz studies web page for more information on this division and its faculty and instructional staff.

Jazz Studies Courses

Jazz Studies Courses: Private Study

Students may audition for secondary private study in jazz. Those qualified are placed on a faculty teaching schedule subject to the availability of space on that schedule. In some cases qualified students are assigned private secondary study with advanced students under the Supervised Student Teaching Program. Students may continue this study as long as they remain in good academic standing in the study, and as long as room on a teaching schedule is available.

  • Principal Private Applied Study (in piano, trumpet, bass, guitar, trombone, drums, saxophone) - 6 or 8 credits
  • Secondary Private Applied Study (in piano, trumpet, bass, guitar, trombone, drums, saxophone) - 2 credits

Jazz Studies Courses: Classroom

The following courses are offered for students interested in jazz performing, arranging, composing, and African American music, as well as for students interested in a Jazz Studies major. Also included is a related cross-listed course in the Department of Musicology (MHST 290, 291) and African American Studies (AAST 171, 172): Introduction to African American Music (offered alternate years).

Jazz Studies Courses: Composition

Principal Private Jazz Composition Study - 6 or 8 credits

Prospective students will be requested to submit scores for review by the Jazz Studies faculty before being admitted to Principal Private Jazz Composition Study.

Secondary Private Jazz Composition Study - 2 credits

Secondary Private Jazz Composition Study is offered to qualified students subject to the availability of space on the schedule of the jazz composition instructor.




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