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[PRELIMINARY] Course Catalog 2024-2025 
[PRELIMINARY] Course Catalog 2024-2025


Charles E. McGuire, Professor of Musicology; director

Courtney-Savali Andrews, Assistant Professor of African American and African Diasporic Musics
Jennifer A. Fraser, Professor of Ethnomusicology
Christopher S. Jenkins, Visiting Assistant Professor of Musicology and Associate Dean for Academic Support
James R. O’Leary, Associate Professor of Musicology
Steven E. Plank, Professor of Musicology
William N. Quillen, Professor of Musicology and Dean of the Conservatory of Music

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Musicology Courses

The Department of Musicology offers courses under the following two headings:

  • Music History
  • Ethnomusicology

Music History Courses

Students who have a good background in music history and literature may be exempted from MHST 101 by passing an examination given only during Orientation in August. College of Arts and Sciences students with some music background may take MHST 101. For College students without such a background, CMUS 100 is recommended. (See “Music”, in the Arts and Sciences section of this catalog.) Transfer students entering in February must take MHST 101 the following fall semester.

The 300-level course offerings listed are drawn from a larger number of advanced classes that include: The History of the Oratorio, Baroque Opera, J.S. Bach, Stravinsky, Beethoven, Mahler, Mozart, and Music and Narrative.

Ethnomusicology Courses

Musics of the World and Upper-Level Courses

The 200-level Musics of the World courses focus on the musicological as well as socio-cultural details of music. Thus, for non music students, MUTH 120 or a basic knowledge of western music theory is recommended. The following 200-level courses are offered on a rotating basis: ETHN 203 (Music of India); ETHN 208 (Music and Media); ETHN 209 (Music of Balkans & Middle East); ETHN 210 (Music and Politics of Identity); ETHN 211 (Music and Ritual).


For information on performing ensembles in non-Western music, see the following Applied Studies courses: APST 750 (Indonesian Gong Ensemble).




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