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Course Catalog 2005-2006 
Course Catalog 2005-2006 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Cinema Studies

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Cinema is both the primary art form of modern culture and the central component of the media industries that structure contemporary society. We cannot understand fully how music, painting, and literature, or other artistic practices have developed without seeing them in relation to cinema, and we cannot begin to comprehend the full significance of the media in our lives without first studying cinema. The major in Cinema Studies is designed to teach students to examine the meanings of cinema in the broadest, most interdisciplinary ways, considering movies as works of art, as cultural forms, and as industrial practices.

Cinema Studies offers three kinds of courses. Electives are cinema courses open to all students without prerequisite. All such courses count toward the major. Introductory Core courses are Cinema Studies 101, Form, Style, and Meaning in Cinema, and the Cinematic Traditions courses taught by the Cinema Studies Faculty. Cinema Studies 101 and one Cinematic Traditions course are required for the major. Advanced Core courses are 300- and 400-level courses taught by core faculty. These courses require at least Cinema Studies 101 and a Cinematic Traditions course or consent of the instructor as a prerequisite.

Further information about the major, faculty and courses is available at the Cinema Studies site on the web (

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