May 29, 2020  
Course Catalog 2010-2011 
Course Catalog 2010-2011 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Minor in Ethnomusicology

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Course Requirements

  • Twelve credits (four courses in Ethnomusicology).
  • Three credits (one course) drawn from related courses in anthropology, sociology, religion, history or art history.
  • One credit in Ensemble (to be chosen from APST 750, Javanese Gamelan; APST 751, Performing the Music of India; APST 830, Mandinka Ensemble; ExCo Steel Drums, or other approved ad hoc Ethno ensemble).


  • The student must be in a Bachelor’s Degree Program in the Conservatory.
  • The student interested in this minor must consult with an Ethnomusicology faculty member to assure that the minor program is coherent.
  • The student should declare his or her intention to pursue this minor before the end of the junior year.

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