Nov 27, 2020  
Course Catalog 2018-2019 
Course Catalog 2018-2019 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

London Program

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The Danenberg Oberlin-in-London Program offers students the opportunity for intensive study in London. The program was instituted as a memorial to the late Emil Danenberg, eleventh president of Oberlin and a great friend to international education. The curriculum is tailored to take advantage of all that the great and diverse city of London has to offer.

Each spring, Oberlin students study with two Oberlin faculty members.  Each student takes one disciplinary course with one of the faculty members, an interdisciplinary course taught jointly by both faculty members, and a course on either London history or the London stage.

The faculty directors for Spring 2019 are:  Associate Professor Amy Margaris (Anthropology) and Associate Professor Zeb Page (Geology).

Admission to the program is by application only.  Applications will be reviewed in spring 2018 by the faculty directors of the program and by the London Program Committee; depending on space, further applications may also be reviewed in fall 2018.  Please inquire at

The program is open to any Oberlin student who will be at least a sophomore at the time the student participates in the program. The faculty and committee are especially interested in students who show a serious interest in taking advantage of the resources of the program. The faculty and committee hope for applications from a wide range of Oberlin students.

The program maintains classrooms and an office within the Florida State University Centre in Bloomsbury (near the British Museum), which also contains a library, lounge and internet facilities. Students live in small apartments (“flats”) with kitchen facilities. Students on the Program are registered as Enrolled-Not-In-Residence (ENR) at Oberlin. There is no need to transfer credits, since all offerings are Oberlin courses. Tuition costs are identical to those on campus, and current Oberlin financial aid applies to students accepted to the London Program.  The London Program Committee works with the Financial Aid Office to adjust aid packages to meet anticipated costs of living in London.

Further information about the program may be found on the web at

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