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Course Catalog 2022-2023 
Course Catalog 2022-2023 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Hispanic Studies Major

The major consists of a minimum of 9.5 full courses (or the equivalent).

Note: Students must earn minimum grades of C- or P for all courses that apply toward the major.

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Summary of Requirements

At least 7 of the 9.5 courses must be courses conducted in Spanish.

Language courses taken at the 100- and 200-level do not count toward the major.

Study Abroad and Double Majors

All Hispanic Studies majors are strongly encouraged to spend at least one semester in a Spanish-speaking country. Many pursue a double major, or a major/minor combination with Latin American Studies or other related fields such as Classics and the other modern languages, Sociology, Anthropology, Comparative Literature, Art, History, Comparative American Studies, or Politics.

Transfer of Credit

Courses taken abroad or at other institutions cannot be counted as 400-level credit.

Up to 3 full courses of transfer credit per semester, including coursework done abroad, may be counted toward the major, for a maximum of 5 courses.

This does not include any AP credit granted.

Advanced Placement

Up to one full course may be counted toward the major at the 300-level for a score of 5 on the AP Spanish language literature exam or a score of a 6 or 7 on the Spanish (Advanced) exam of the IB curriculum.

Hispanic Studies Major Course Lists

Courses Taught in Spanish

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Courses Taught in English

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Hispanic Capstone Course

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Students who major in Hispanic Studies will do a capstone project based on a 400-level seminar taken in the spring of their junior year or the fall of their senior year. In the spring of their senior year (the last semester for summer graduates, the penultimate semester for December graduates) they will enroll in a 2-credit/half-course Hispanic Studies Capstone course, HISP 501. As part of this course, which meets once a week for a 1.5-hour period, students will expand the term paper of their 400-level seminar into a 15-20 page research paper (written in Spanish) and prepare a 15-minute oral presentation based on the paper, to be given at the end of the semester. In consultation with their Hispanic Studies advisor, students may request permission to base their capstone work on a course taught outside of the Hispanic Studies department. An Honors project in Hispanic Studies automatically fulfills the capstone requirement.  

Hispanic Studies Elective Courses

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