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[PRELIMINARY] Course Catalog 2024-2025 
[PRELIMINARY] Course Catalog 2024-2025

Performance Diploma in Keyboard Studies

The performance diploma consists of a minimum of 64 credits (16 full courses or the equivalent), two committee examinations, and one recital appearance.

Note: No credit with a grade of B- or lower may be counted toward the requirements of the Performance Diploma.

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The Performance Diploma Program

This four-semester program, offered only in certain performance departments, is designed for the very small number of gifted performers who have not yet completed the Bachelor of Music or its equivalent and who are seeking a very narrowly focused program of study leading to a performance-oriented career.

  • All credit applied toward requirements for the Performance Diploma must be earned in Oberlin or in Oberlin-sponsored programs, including Oberlin summer programs.
  • Students in the Performance Diploma program may not pursue another degree or non-degree music program concurrently.
  • Students who have completed requirements for both the BM degree and the Performance Diploma will receive only the BM degree.

Summary of Diploma Requirements

Course Requirements

  • 32 Credits of Principal Private Study
  • 16 Credits of Ensemble Elective Courses
  • 16 Credits of Free Elective Courses

Non-Course Requirements

  • First Performance Diploma Committee Examination
  • Second Performance Diploma Committee Examination
  • One Performance Diploma Recital Appearance

Detailed Diploma Requirements

Performance Diploma in Keyboard Studies Course Requirement(s)

The recommended course distribution per semester is:

  • eight credits of principal private study
  • four credits of ensemble elective courses
  • four credits of free elective courses

  • Performance Diploma students studying orchestral instruments must participate in the large ensemble program (Oberlin Orchestra; Chamber Orchestra; Oberlin Sinfonietta; Contemporary Music Ensemble) every semester in residence as assigned.
  • Performance Diploma students may enroll in applied studies courses or English skills courses as free elective courses without special permission. Those Performance Diploma students who wish to enroll in other courses must have permission from the Associate Deans’ Office.

Performance Diploma in Keyboard Studies Non-Course Requirement(s)

  • First Performance Diploma Committee Examination
    • may be undertaken in either the first or second semester
  • Second Performance Diploma Committee Examination
    • may be undertaken in either the third or fourth semester
  • One Performance Diploma Recital Appearance
    • conforms to the division’s expectations for a senior recital