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Course Catalog 2005-2006 
Course Catalog 2005-2006 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Athletics and Physical Education

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Academic Courses

Courses are sometimes offered in alternate years, therefore, careful planning is necessary with an advisor in the Athletics and Physical Education Department. Although the department does not offer a major in physical education, the following academic courses are available.

Physical Activity Program

It is the purpose of the activity program to contribute to the liberal education of students through experiences in movement and to encourage their physical and mental well being. A broad program of aquatics, dance, sports, and body integrating experiences is offered to help the students develop skills, attitudes, and other resources that will enable them to lead an active and productive life.

Members of the department welcome consultation with students regarding the selection of experiences that will best meet their needs and interests. Any course change after registration must be made through the Department of Athletics and Physical Education office.

All courses in the general activity program are offered for Credit/No Entry or Pass/No Pass grading only.

Students are permitted to receive a maximum of two credit hours in any one activity course. Since most activity courses are 0.5 credit, a course can be taken a total of four times. Should students wish to receive more than two credit hours in a particular course, they must petition the Physical Education Curriculum Committee with a specific request/justification. Varsity Athletic credit is exempt from the two-credit hour limit.

Independent Fitness. In limited numbers, students may choose Independent Fitness activities. In consultation with a Department of Athletics and Physical Education staff member, students “contract” a fitness activity for a minimum of three hours per week. Participants will be required to report their weekly activities either through a log or meeting with the instructor as agreed upon. Credit is limited to one-half hour per module, and staff members are limited to no more than 15 such students per module. A maximum of two credit hours of Independent Fitness may be applied toward graduation.

General Physical Activity Program

Physical activity courses are offered each module. Full semester activity courses bear one hour of credit while modular activity courses bear one-half hour of credit. The Divisional Distribution is EX, Extra Divisional. Courses offered by the Department of Athletics and Physical Education in the general activity program are all coed unless otherwise noted and include the following:

Varsity Sports — Men

Varsity Sports — Women

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