Jan 20, 2021  
Course Catalog 2020-2021 
Course Catalog 2020-2021


Rick Baldoz, Associate Professor of Sociology and Chair
Daphne A. John,  Associate Professor of Sociology
Greggor Mattson, Associate Professor of Sociology
Christine Parris, Assistant Professor of Sociology
Kathleen Ragon, Visiting Instructor of Sociology
Veljko Vujacic,  Professor of Sociology
Clovis L. White, Associate Professor of Sociology

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Sociology is concerned with the study of social phenomena-the self, groups, community solidarity, economic and political behavior, inequality, culture and values, social organization, institutions-in societies of various types and levels of development. The question of how groups, societies, and larger social systems change or remain the same over time frames work in the discipline. The department curriculum reflects the breadth of the discipline and responds to the variety of student interests. The curriculum addresses the educational objectives of students who wish to: (1) study for advanced degrees in Sociology as preparation for careers in teaching or research; (2) apply Sociology in the professions such as law or urban planning; (3) apply Sociology in public policy or social service agency work; (4) utilize Sociology to contribute to majors in other disciplines such as psychology, anthropology, history, or political science; (5) learn the ways in which the sociological imagination can increase and enrich one’s civic engagement. These different objectives may suggest different courses or combinations of courses so students thinking about majoring in the department should consult an advisor early in their decision process.  Courses in many other disciplines add strength to a major in Sociology.  The particular pattern of courses chosen will vary, depending on the plans and interests of the student.  The pattern should be worked out in close consultation with the major advisor.

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