May 28, 2023  
Course Catalog 2022-2023 
Course Catalog 2022-2023 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Art History

Christina Neilson, Associate Professor of Renaissance and Baroque Art History, Chair
Bonnie Cheng, Associate Professor of Art History
Erik Inglis, Professor of Art History
Ana Perry, Assistant Professor of Art History
Matthew Rarey, Associate Professor of Art History

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The Department of Art faculty consists of a nearly even number of artists and art historians. These numbers underscore the department’s interest in, and commitment to, a balanced study of the visual arts in a liberal arts curriculum. The Allen Memorial Art Museum is an important resource for art students. Courses routinely meet there and students have the opportunity to participate in the Museum’s Docent program. Introductory courses - whether in studio or art history - presuppose that the student has no prior experience in art. The three majors offered - art history, studio, and visual arts - are designed to offer individuals a solid preparation for graduate school or a career in art-related fields. 

Majors in the Art Department

The Department of Art insists that its programs of major study be deeply integrated with the overall liberal arts education that Oberlin both endorses and offers. In planning their programs of study, students should therefore keep in mind the fact that all three major programs may be completed within the two final years of work towards the BA degree.

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Advanced Placement
A grade of 5 on the AP exam in Art History may be transferred as one full course to the Oberlin transcript. However, the department offers no major credit, and no exemption from major requirements, for AP work in Art History.
Transfer of Credit/Major Credit for Off-Campus Study

The Art Department’s preliminary approval must be obtained before beginning work away from Oberlin if this work is to be counted as credit for the major. Students must receive tentative prior approval from the Chairperson of the Art Department before leaving campus. On return, students must supply both an official transcript and evidence of the nature of the work done. Such requests, as well as those of transfer students, will be handled on an individual basis. The department is not obliged to give credit for work that fails to fit the general patterns of the Oberlin curriculum or that fails to come up to Oberlin’s standards, no matter how valuable a student feels the experience has been, or how much time and effort has been expended.

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Majors and Minors