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Course Catalog 2022-2023 
Course Catalog 2022-2023 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Russian and East European Studies

Thomas Newlin, Professor of Russian, Chair
Nicholas Bujalski, Visiting Assistant Professor of History
Stephen Crowley, Professor of Politics
Vladimir Ivantsov, Visiting Assistant Professor of Russian
Anna Lordan, Visiting Assistant Professor of Russian
Sheila Miyoshi Jager, Professor of East Asian Studies
Stiliana Milkova, Associate Professor of Comparative Literature
Kristina Paabus, Associate Professor of Art
Ari Sammartino, Professor of History
Maia Solovieva, Lecturer in Russian
Veljko Vujacic, Professor of Sociology

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The Russian and East European Studies (REES) curriculum is multidisciplinary, incorporating offerings in history, politics and sociology with Russian language, literature, and culture courses, in both the original and in translation. A major in Russian and East European Studies can lead to graduate work in a wide range of fields. In recent years Oberlin REES majors have successfully competed for entrance into graduate schools and have found careers in teaching, library science, government work, medicine, law, journalism, international business, as well as in charitable or non-profit organizations.


Incoming students with previous training in Russian should with the Chair of Russian to determine the level at which they should continue. Students beginning at Oberlin can enroll in Russian 101 during the fall semester or take the Winter Term Intensive Elementary Russian course. Participation in a study abroad program is highly recommended, as is residency in Russian House.


Created in 1998 through support from The Clowes Fund and a private donation, the Oberlin Center for Russian, East European and Central Asian Studies (OCREECAS) promotes greater awareness of the region at Oberlin. OCREECAS sponsors internship opportunities in Russia and Eastern Europe and enhances the Oberlin curriculum through guest lectures and occasional on-campus residencies by visiting scholars and artists. Recent OCREECAS short courses have included “From Russia with Lies: The Art of Fake and Censored News and How to Fight It,” with journalist Nikita Makerenko (Uzbekistan) and “Never Remember: Reckoning with Stalin’s Great Terror,” with journalist and author Masha Gessen.

See information about Research, Internships, Study Away, and Experiential Learning (RISE).

Study Abroad

A high priority of the program is to prepare undergraduates for study in Russia or Eastern Europe. Students interested in studying in Russia are encouraged to apply to one of the following programs: (1) the Bard-Smolny program in St. Petersburg, (2) the American Council of Teachers of Russian (ACTR) semester programs in St. Petersburg, Moscow, and Vladimir, and (3) the Middlebury School in Russia programs in Moscow, Yaroslavl or Irkutsk. Students interested in Eastern Europe may participate in the CIEE programs in Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic. Credits are fully transferable to Oberlin. For further information on these and other programs, contact members of the REES Committee members listed above or the Office of Study Away.

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