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Course Catalog 2020-2021 
Course Catalog 2020-2021 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Artist Diploma (Vocal Studies)

Course Requirements

For course requirements for the Artist Diploma, please see the grid .


All credit applied toward requirements for the Artist Diploma must be earned in Oberlin or in Oberlin-sponsored programs, including Oberlin summer programs. Students in the Artist Diploma program may not pursue another degree or non-degree music program concurrently. No credit with a grade of B- or lower may be counted toward the requirements of the Artist Diploma. Students in or graduates of the Artist Diploma program may not transfer to the BM degree program.

Students enrolled in the Oberlin BM degree program who wish to be considered for the Artist Diploma program must complete an abbreviated application from the Conservatory Admissions Office, due at the same time as external applications, and perform an audition before the appropriate department. Oberlin BM students are only allowed to apply to the Artist Diploma program with the recommendation of the department and approval of the Office of the Associate Deans of the Conservatory.

Artist Diploma students may not register for course work in addition to those courses listed above without permission (given in the Associate Deans’ Office). A minimum TOEFL score of 550 for non-native English-speaking students may be required for enrollment in additional courses.

Completion of the Artist Diploma requirements normally requires two years in residence, with a minimum of one year in residence required.  Permission to finish away for compelling professional reasons is subject to the approval of the studio teacher, Division Director, and Office of the Associate Deans.

Financial Aid

Financial aid for Artist Diploma students will be available for a maximum of four semesters of enrollment and will cover no more than the ten credits required each semester. Students who wish to take coursework beyond the required hours will do so at their own expense.