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Course Catalog 2022-2023 
Course Catalog 2022-2023

Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies Major

The major consists of a minimum of 10 full courses (or the equivalent), and a non-credit capstone course.

Note: Students must earn minimum grades of C- or P for all courses that apply toward the major.

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Summary of Requirements

Of the ten courses required for the major, no more than five may come from one department or program.

No more than two 100-level courses can count toward the major.

Transfer of Credit and Study Away

A maximum of 3 courses from other institutions or study away programs can be approved toward the major. Of these 3 transfer courses, only one course can count in substitution for a gateway or capstone requirement. GSFS 305  must be taken at Oberlin College.


The program offers senior GSFS majors the opportunity for recognition of distinguished achievement in research and writing in gender, sexuality, and feminist studies. Students will be considered for honors in spring of junior year based on their performance in the major and the quality of the honors proposal. Students applying for GSFS honors must complete Feminist Research Methodologies in fall term of the junior year unless they make a case for an exceptional circumstance.

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GSFS Major Course Lists

Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies Courses

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First-Year Seminar Program Courses

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