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Course Catalog 2022-2023 
Course Catalog 2022-2023 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Sociology Major

The major consists of a minimum of 9.5 full courses (or the equivalent).

Note: Students must earn minimum grades of C- or P for all courses that apply toward the major.

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Summary of Requirements


  • Only one introductory course may apply to the major.
  • A first-year seminar offered by a sociology faculty member counts toward the major but is not considered a substitute for an introductory course.
  • The statistics course must be taken previously to or concurrently with SOCI 301 /SOCI 302 .

Off-Campus Programs for Credit

Students are encouraged to broaden their educational experience by taking advantage of off-campus programs, preferably sometime during their junior year. A maximum of three outside courses may be applied toward the major and require prior approval of the department. Sociology majors may find the GLCA Philadelphia Center study away program of particular interest.

Transfer of Credit

Students who transfer sociology courses taken at other institutions may, with the approval of the department, apply certain of such courses toward the major. No more than three outside courses may be counted towards major requirements. No transfer courses will substitute for the required SOCI 301 , SOCI 302 , and SOCI 303  which must be completed at Oberlin College. The transfer of credits may be subject to the transfer of credit fee. Requests to transfer courses taken at other institutions are evaluated on an individual basis.


The department invites a number of qualified majors to apply to participate in the Honors Program by submitting a written proposal to the department chair in the second semester of their junior year. To be eligible, students must have completed SOCI 301  and SOCI 302  by the end of their junior year. Students are not formally accepted into the Honors Program until the research proposal is approved by the department. The level of Honors is determined by the thesis grade, assessment of oral presentation of the project, and major GPA.

Sociology Major Course Lists

Sociology Elective Courses

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