Dec 01, 2022  
Course Catalog 2022-2023 
Course Catalog 2022-2023

Performance Minor: Voice


The student must be in a Bachelor’s Degree Program in the Conservatory.

The student must be recommended by his or her private study teacher.

The student must be approved by the Voice Department.

Course Requirements

Completion of at least four semesters (eight credits) of Secondary Private Study (Voice);

Four credits of a foreign language to be chosen from: GERM 101 (Elementary German), FREN 101 (Elementary French), or ITAL 101 (Elementary Italian);

Two credits of LANG 100 (English Diction);

Two credits of a diction elective, to be chosen from: LANG 101 (Italian Diction), LANG 200 (German Diction), LANG 201 (French Diction).

Non-Course Requirement

Private Study Committee Examinations:

First Minor Committee

Second Minor Committee

Performance Requirement:

One appearance on a departmental or studio recital. (Students who fail to receive a majority of satisfactory grades on the Second Minor Committee Examination will not be permitted to continue in the Minor.)