Jun 15, 2024  
Course Catalog 2023-2024 
Course Catalog 2023-2024 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Important Points Regarding Student Life

Students in the College of Arts and Sciences and in the Conservatory of Music are expected to follow rules established by the Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards. Information about these rules and regulations is given to all students at enrollment.

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Students should be aware of the following points which particularly influence the character of student life at Oberlin College and Conservatory.

  • In general, Oberlin students are expected to have the good judgment and the sense of responsibility to regulate their lives in such a way as to make a positive contribution to the community in which they live. They are expected to be citizens as well as scholars and to be conscious of and respectful toward the basic needs of others.
  • There are no fraternities or sororities at Oberlin College and Conservatory.
  • The use of drugs and alcoholic beverages is subject to control by law, and the institution does not protect students from prosecution under federal, state, or local laws. Though the institution places primary emphasis on a counseling and educational approach to alcohol and drug abuse, members of the college and conservatory community are reminded that the Oberlin College Judicial Charter allows any member of the college and conservatory community to bring a complaint against a student for violation of appropriate standards of conduct or of specific institution regulations.