Jun 15, 2024  
Course Catalog 2023-2024 
Course Catalog 2023-2024 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Deferred Enrollment

First-year students admitted to the College of Arts and Sciences may request to defer their enrollment for one year. Transfer students may defer for one semester or one year. While the Conservatory of Music does not ordinarily consider admitted students for deferred enrollment, in exceptional circumstances approval to defer enrollment may be granted for up to one year.

To request a deferral, students must first submit the $300 deposit to secure a place in the class. The Gap Year Deferral Request form must be submitted by June 1. Upon approval, students must submit a signed deferral contract along with a $1,000 enrollment deposit within two weeks. It is important to note that the $1,000 deposit is non-refundable but will be applied towards the fall semester tuition bill.

A letter reconfirming admission and a new intent-to-enroll card will be mailed to all deferred students in December or February, prior to their anticipated enrollment at Oberlin. During deferment, students may take up to two full courses/eight credits per semester for a maximum of four full courses/16 credits at another accredited institution, within the overall pre-matriculation credit limit of five full courses/20 credits. Full-time enrollment at another college or university is not permitted.

Though requests for deferred enrollment ordinarily will be honored, the admissions office may ask for additional information and can deny the request. If attending Oberlin is one of several options a student is considering after a gap year, deferred enrollment will not be granted. Rather, the student will be invited to reapply for admission at a later date.

Additional questions about Oberlin’s deferred admission policy can be directed to the relevant admissions office using the contact information provided above.