Jun 05, 2023  
[PRELIMINARY] Course Catalog 2023-2024 
[PRELIMINARY] Course Catalog 2023-2024


Michael J. Moore (Longman Prof.), chair

Taylor S. Allen (Assoc. Prof.)
Carrie Andrew (Vstg. Asst. Prof.)
Jane E. Bennett (Lect., Lab. Instr.)
Monica Blatnik (Asst. Prof.)
Aaron D. Goldman (Assoc. Prof.)
Marta J. Laskowski (Danforth Prof.)
Gabriel M. Moore (Asst. Prof.)
Maureen A. Peters (Prof.)
Alexandra J. Pike (Vstg. Asst. Prof.)
Andrew D. Pike (Vstg. Asst. Prof.)
Angela J. Roles (Assoc. Prof.)
Laura M. Romberg (Assoc. Prof.)

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The Department of Biology at Oberlin College spans the breadth of the biological sciences, with faculty specializing in animal biology, plant biology, evolutionary biology, ecology, molecular biology, developmental biology, microbiology, immunology, genomics, and proteomics. We seek to prepare students to be biologically literate citizens, and prepare our majors for study and work in the life sciences.

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Departmental Policies

Advanced Placement Credit

The following score(s) will correspond to credit for the following course(s), fulfilling corresponding prerequisite requirements (if applicable) and counting toward total credits needed for graduation:

  • AP Biology, 4 or 5  →  BIOL 604 (one full course)
  • IB HL Biology, 6 or 7  →  BIOL 604 (one full course)

Note: Transfer credit received for BIOL 604 does not count toward the biology major.

Majors and Minors


Gateway Courses to More Advanced Coursework

Students with a strong high school science background find taking BIOL 100  and CHEM 101 /CHEM 102  simultaneously in the first semester both useful and challenging. Other students benefit from taking only one of these courses during their first semester at Oberlin.