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Course Catalog 2023-2024 
Course Catalog 2023-2024

Creative Writing

Amaryllis Chanda Feldman, Assistant Professor of Creative Writing; acting chair

Ghassan Abou-Zeineddine, Assistant Professor of Creative Writing
Emily Barton, Associate Professor of Creative Writing
Samantha Cohen, Visiting Assistant Professor of Creative Writing
Juliana Goodman, Lecturer of Creative Writing
Amanda Hodes, Lecturer of Creative Writing
Thomas Israel Hopkins, Senior Lecturer of Creative Writing
Allegra Hyde, Assistant Professor of Creative Writing
David W. Lucas, Visiting Assistant Professor of Creative Writing
Kyle R. McCarthy, Lecturer of Creative Writing
Elizabeth Lindsey Rogers, Assistant Professor of Creative Writing and Director of Oberlin Writers-in-the-Schools
Dennis Tang, Lecturer of Creative Writing
Pallavi Wakharkar, Visiting Assistant Professor of Creative Writing

Affiliated Faculty/Staff
Jan A. Cooper, John C. Reid Associate Professor of Writing and Communication
Geoffrey B. Pingree, Professor of Cinema Studies

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Oberlin offers undergraduates the rare opportunity to major in creative writing-not as a concentration in another department, but as an independent discipline in its own right. The Creative Writing Program at Oberlin College provides an intense and rigorous course of study with instruction, studio training, and coursework in a variety of genres, including poetry, fiction, nonfiction, drama, translation, screenwriting, and hybrid forms. Our program encourages work across disciplines and prepares students for a range of careers both within and beyond the literary world.

Creative writing at Oberlin emphasizes an inclusive workshop climate where creative expression, experimentation, and collaboration thrive. Because we are more than just a studio program, our students employ the skills of open inquiry and intellectual curiosity: their liberal arts education enriches their creative work, and their creativity inspires rigorous cross-disciplinary thinking both in the classroom and beyond.

See information about Research, Internships, Study Away, and Experiential Learning (RISE).

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Majors and Minors


Introductory courses acquaint aspiring majors and non-majors with the craft of writing, focusing on the differences and commonalities between multiple genres. 200-level courses, which are open to majors and non-majors, narrow the focus to topics and questions that pertain to genres and forms. 300-level workshops and 400-level courses are open to majors and minors only.

The program has designed its curriculum so that students have opportunities throughout to engage with arts and other fields at Oberlin, as well as with the broader community through, for example, practica in the local schools.

Because there is great demand for creative writing courses at all levels, and because writers at all levels have much to learn from breadth in their studies, the faculty urges all students to register for no more than one creative writing course per term. Students seeking an exception to this practice should contact the chair.