Jun 09, 2023  
[PRELIMINARY] Course Catalog 2023-2024 
[PRELIMINARY] Course Catalog 2023-2024

Latin American Studies

Alysia Ramos (Assoc. Prof. - Dance), chair

Roberto Hoyle (Asst. Prof. - Computer Science)
Ana Perry (Asst. Prof. - Art History)

Affiliated Faculty and Staff
Yveline Alexis (Assoc. Prof. - Africana Studies, Comparative American Studies)
Ana María Díaz Burgos (Assoc. Prof. - Hispanic Studies)
Sebastiaan Faber (Prof. - Hispanic Studies)
Meredith Gadsby (Assoc. Prof. - Africana Studies, Comparative American Studies)
Sergio Gutiérrez Negrón (Asst. Prof. - Hispanic Studies)
Evan Kresch (Asst. Prof. - Economics)
Kristina Mani (Assoc. Prof. - Politics)
Pablo Mitchell (Prof. - History, Comparative American Studies)
Patrick O’Connor (Assoc. Prof. - Hispanic Studies, Comparative Literature)
Gina Pérez (Prof. - Comparative American Studies)
Baron Pineda (Prof. - Anthropology)
Matthew Rarey (Assoc. Prof. - Art History)
Claire Solomon (Assoc. Prof. - Hispanic Studies)
Joshua Sperling (Asst. Prof. - Cinema Studies)

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The Latin American Studies Program at Oberlin College is an interdisciplinary program designed to encourage the examination of Latin America and the Caribbean: their people, cultures, society, languages, literature, traditions, history, economy, and relations with other areas.

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