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Course Catalog 2023-2024 
Course Catalog 2023-2024 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Global Health Integrative Concentration

The integrative concentration consists of a minimum of 6 full courses (or the equivalent), 1 experiential component, and a learning portfolio.

Note: Students must earn minimum grades of C- or P for all courses that apply toward the integrative concentration.

The global health integrative concentration provides students with foundational knowledge for understanding and engaging in global health as a field of study, research, and practice. “Health” encompasses physical and mental wellbeing. “Global” connotes geographic sweep with attention to issues and challenges that transcend national boundaries while also signifying the holistic approach necessary to understand the range of factors at play in determining and promoting human health and wellbeing.

The multi- and interdisciplinary curriculum draws from courses across the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences to ensure that students develop comprehensive perspectives on the many facets of human health, as well as historical and cultural framings of health. The global health integrative concentration places a strong emphasis on understanding health inequities at the national and international levels. Students learn about the political, economic, and social factors that contribute to health disparities, are challenged to think critically about current models for grappling with global health crises, and  are encouraged to examine and design ethical approaches to meeting global health challenges.

In order to prepare students to engage in global health as a field of research and practice, the curriculum includes a required internship. Through the integration of course work and practical experience, students are provided with a compelling and inspiring platform to understand and contribute to solving the complex global health challenges facing our world today.

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Note(s) on Requirements

  • If a student wishes to count a course that is not listed below toward the concentration, they can petition the concentration chair(s) for approval to apply the completed or in-progress course toward their concentration.
  • In planning their schedules, students should be aware that some of the courses listed below have prerequisites.

Declaring the Integrative Concentration

Students wishing to complete the global health integrative concentration should consult with a member of the concentration advisory group and complete the integrative concentration declaration/change form. The form requires the signature of the concentration chair.

Gunnar Kwakye (Neuroscience)

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Detailed Integrative Concentration Requirements

Global Health Integrative Concentration Course Lists

Experiential Component

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Students are required to pursue an internship in the field of global health. Internships will enhance students’ curricular work in global health by providing vital practical experience. Such experience also allows students to explore career pathways, and develop the judgment necessary for intervening successfully in a complex field.

The internship must be full-time with a minimum duration of four weeks (or one Winter Term). Students are encouraged to pursue an internship by joining a relevant career community in such areas as Medical, Public, and Global Health Professions; Nonprofit and the Public Sector; and Science and Technology.

Learning Portfolio

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Students are required to maintain a learning portfolio that will include signature course work and documentation of experiential learning opportunities pursued in the field of global health. The portfolio is a means for students to draw together the theory from the curricular component with the practice from the experiential component. Students should begin the learning portfolio upon declaration of the global health integrative concentration and use it as a means to reflect on and chronicle their evolving understanding of and interests in the field. Ultimately, the learning portfolio will serve as a curated sample of work for graduate school or prospective employers. Upon completion of the integrative concentration their senior year, students will give a short presentation of their learning portfolio at the senior symposium. The learning portfolio will thus serve as a capstone for the integrative concentration.

Global Health Integrative Concentration Advisory Group

Gunnar Kwakye (Neuroscience), chair

Leslie Kwakye (Neuroscience)