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Course Catalog 2023-2024 
Course Catalog 2023-2024 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

East Asian Studies

Emer S. O’Dwyer, Associate Professor of East Asian Studies and History; director

Yu-Chi Chang, Visiting Assistant Professor of Chinese History
Bonnie Cheng, Associate Professor of Art History and East Asian Studies
Hsiu-Chuang Deppman, Professor of East Asian Studies
Sheila Miyoshi Jager, Professor of East Asian Studies
Mika Kawashima, Lecturer of Japanese Language
Yukumi Kawashima, Visiting Instructor of Japanese Language
Sachiko Kondo, Lecturer of Japanese Language
Kai Li, Senior Lecturer of Chinese Language
Fang Liu, Senior Lecturer of Chinese Language
Andrew Macomber, Assistant Professor of East Asian Religions
Ann Sherif, Professor of East Asian Studies
Ayuka Suemasa, Lecturer of Japanese Language
Dominic J. Toscano, Assistant Professor of Chinese
Qiao Yu, Visiting Instructor of Chinese Language

Appointed by Courtesy
Marc J. Blecher, James Monroe Professor of Politics
Hiroko Kumaki, Assistant Professor of Anthropology, Medical and Cultural

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The East Asian Studies Program at Oberlin College is an interdisciplinary program focusing on the region that includes China, Japan, and Korea. The main goals of the program are to provide training in East Asian languages and to introduce students to the societies, cultures, and histories of the region through courses in anthropology, art history, cinema, economics, history, literature, politics, and religion.

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Departmental Policies

Initial and Advanced Language Placement

Students interested in learning Chinese or Japanese who do not have prior experience with the language should enroll in CHIN 101  or JAPN 101  respectively.

Most students who have elsewhere acquired linguistic ability in Chinese or Japanese, or who wish to qualify for advanced courses, are advised to take the relevant language placement test administered by the department during orientation.

Students of all linguistic levels are invited to consult with any program faculty or staff whose focus of study is in the relevant area to determine the level at which their language study at Oberlin should begin.

Majors and Minors


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