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Course Catalog 2023-2024 
Course Catalog 2023-2024 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Performance Major: Piano and Vocal Accompanying Concentration

Course Requirements

For course requirements for the Performance Major: Piano and Vocal Accompanying Concentration, please see the grid .

Admission to the Double Major

Students wishing to pursue the double major should normally declare their intention to do so by the end of the sophomore year. Admission is by audition for a panel including the coach/accompanist, the student’s applied piano teacher, and one other member of the piano faculty. The voice faculty will also be consulted for its evaluation of the student’s aptitude for vocal accompanying. At the discretion of the above-mentioned faculty, a committee examination may be scheduled for the end of the junior year to determine whether the student should continue in the double major.

Non-Course Requirements

Degree in Piano Performance

Requirements remain as for the single degree:

i. three committee examinations;

ii. two appearances on a divisional, studio, or honors recital prior to the Junior Recital;

iii. Junior Recital;

iv. Senior Recital.

Degree in Vocal Accompanying

i. At least two public appearances as vocal accompanist before the end of the sophomore year (for example, on voice departmental recitals).  This requirement would be fulfilled as a matter of course through timely enrollment in Keyboard Accompanying.

ii. The accompaniment of one junior voice recital. This requirement would also be fulfilled through one of the stipulated Keyboard Accompanying credits.

iii. The accompaniment of two senior or Artist Diploma voice recitals (in conjunction with Interpretation of Art Song).

iv. Preparation and performance of a portion of an opera scenes program and/or assistance in the preparation of a major opera production (helping singers learn roles, playing musical and staging rehearsals, accompanying chorus, etc.). This project would be devised jointly by the opera director, the coach/accompanist, and (in the case of a full opera) the musical director as part of the require course,  Introduction to Opera, or as an individually tailored Production Project.

v. At least one Winter Term credit must be earned in a project directly related to vocal accompanying.

Recommended Elective Courses

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